Baltic DP Archive

Currently in development, the Baltic DP Archive is a permanent online repository of images pertaining to the history of WWII refugees from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Collected in preparation for the “No Home To Go To Exhibition”, well over a 1,000 photographs and documents, videos, publications, artifacts, and other materials will be uploaded here to make them accessible to others. Many were submitted to the exhibition from personal collections. Most items are directly related to Baltic WWII displaced persons and/or have been included to illustrate the plight of refugees in Europe during and after World War II.  

Editor’s note: This area is currently under construction, but will remain accessible as images are being uploaded.  Some of the image files are large and may affect data usage. Image captions and titles are incomplete and will be added later if unavailable. Volunteers who are willing to transcribe the descriptions on the back of some of the images are very much needed. If you can assist with this project and/or if you have images you wish to contribute, please contact us here

From Private Collections

Janis Cirksis, a Latvian displaced person, was a professional photographer who documented DP camp life and activities, including Latvian and Baltic cultural, political, and sporting events. 

Images from the family collection of the Baltic DP exhibition Latvian co-chair, Dace Kezbers

Images from the Maldre Family Collection 

Nijolė (Lipčiūtė) Voketaitis’s photos from Oldenburg DP Camp includes images from school and scouting

Audrone (Svotelis) Tamulis collection

Images from the Maldre Family Collection

Archival Images and Videos

Images from the end of and following World War II taken by the U.S. Army Signal Corps photographers for the U.S. War Department [See dates and descriptions on the reverse side.]

More images from U.S. War Department archives


The Camps

A montage of archival footage of Lithuanians in displaced persons camps after World War II featuring: day-to-day camp life and activities; living conditions; the Lithuanian Red Cross and the distribution of relief aid; children at play and at school; adults in vocational training classes; scouts; Lithuanian community leaders at a political conference; Baltic Olympic games; concert and folk-dancing footage; views of Augsburg, Scheinfeld, Hammerveg, Pfullingen, Hanau, and Unterm Berg DP camps.

Images documenting the wartime flight and life in DP camps by Lithuanian photographer Kazys Daugėla. 


DP Testimonies

Gražina Narkus Kramer-Part I

An interview with Gražina Narkus-Kramer conducted by Ina Navazelskis for the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture as part of the “No Home To Go To: The Story of Baltic Displaced Persons, 1944-52” exhibition’s oral history project recorded at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 2, 2014

Part II - Gražina Narkus-Kramer

Narkus-Kramer’s presentation about life in DP camps (Lerte) recorded at the “No Home To Go To: The Story of Baltic Displaced Persons, 1944-52” exhibition’s program (Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, D.C., Nov. 2, 2014)

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